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Swimming Pool FAQ's

1Do you open and close pools?
Yes we do whether you are an existing client or someone new.
2Do you repair leaks in pools?
Yes, plus we have our own masons so that we can remove and replace decking material so that the appearance of the decking is good.
3Do you do the permitting for construction of a new pool?
Yes, we work with engineers, architects and township to secure building permits when necessary.
4Do I need an architect to design my pool?
No, I design the pool and then get an architect to seal the pool for the permitting process.
5Do I need a landscape contractor to complete the landscape after you are finished with the pool work?
No, my training and staff can handle all of your needs that are associated with your pool. That includes pool construction, fencing, landscape, lighting, electrical and plumbing.
6Do you work on and repair pool decks?
Yes. We have our own masons and can make repairs, build new decks, resurface old decks.
7Can you repair or replace damaged or old pool equipment?
Yes we can do both plus make recommendations on how to make your pool more cost efficient and easier to take care of.
1Will you inspect a site to determine whether it is feasible to build a pool?
Yes, It is very important when you are purchasing a home and you want a pool to know if it is possible to build a pool at that location and also very important to get some idea of cost.
2Will you inspect an existing pool at a home that is being considered for purchase?
Yes, again it is very important to know what you are getting into before you make a purchase.
3Will you instruct us on how to maintain our pool if we are unfamiliar with the pool maintenance process?
Yes, I will assist you in teaching you basic pool maintenance till the point that you are comfortable and can take care of the pool yourself, if that is what you want.
4Will you provide weekly maintenance service if that is what we want?
5Are there ways to make swimming pools safe for small children?
Yes, with proper safety procedures and equipment, a swimming pool can be safe for children. We also can recommend safety alarms.
6What type of pools do you work on?
We build and repair gunite (concrete), Vinyl and fiberglass in-ground pools.
7Do you replace vinyl pool liners?

Construction FAQ's

1Can you build pool houses and shower areas?
Yes, we can do all types of construction whether associated with a swimming pool or not. We can provide detailed drawings to make sure you are getting what you want and at a reasonable costs.
2Do you do drainage work?
Yes. Site drainage around a home or swimming pool is very important. We install site drains, slit trenches, elevation repairs and grading.
3Do you build and repair walls?
Yes, we work with stone, brick, pavers, block.

Landscape FAQ's

1Do you design Master Plans?
Yes, Our designers use specialized computer programs to design appropriate landscape masterplans to ensure a design that will both satisfy you and solve your landscape problems with beauty, and practically.
2Can you move large trees?
Yes, we have equipment that can move 20’-30’ tall trees safely and economically to be used as shade trees or provide site screening or sound barriers.
3Can a large tree survive if moved that way?
Yes, it is not only safe to move large trees in this manner but it is the best way to move large trees.
1Can you move a tree that is already on my property that I want to keep?
Yes, if the tree is not too large, and in a location where we can get our equipment around it.
2Will you come out and give a free estimate for adding plants to my home?
Yes. We will give free estimates but do charge for making plans and drawings.

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